Some economic pain you can’t see

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The photo above shows what one of Seaside most popular hotels looks like on a Saturday night in the month of June.  You can see the vacancy sign, something unheard of in any other decade.   It shows that the pain from blocking tourists from hotels until after Memorial Day is continuing to cause damage into summer.

The nearby candy shop which began requiring customers to wear a mask to enter their store has now retracted the mask policy and is now accepting all customers.  This is a sign that businesses are trying to balance public safety and economic survival.

In Multnomah County restaurants are witnessing a huge drop in take-out customers since neighboring Clackamas County opened up for dine-in service.   This shows the gravity of regional re-openings and the fickleness of customers in the shutdown era.

Big business is hurting alongside small business.  Before COVID-19 the club 24-hour fitness was dealing with reduced hours and national bankruptcy issues.  The sign above of a Portland area 24-hour Fitnesss shows that while many other competitor gyms opened, some 24-Hour Fitness Centers remained closed with no opening day in sight.

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