10 photos from hard hit Seaside, changing Oregon

Photo: Seaside empty streets later Sunday morning on Memorial Day
Taxpayers Association of Oregon


There were numerous government signs everywhere from outside Portland to outside Seaside, warning us not to travel.  They said we would “save lives” if we did not travel.

Seaside and Cannon Beach both blocked hotels from accepting tourists.

You can see the empty parking lot from one of Seaside’s main hotels during Memorial weekend. If the one car shown represent staff, then it may be that some hotels had not a single guest during Memorial weekend likely the second busiest weekend of the year.

Even as the hotels were basically closed off, day trippers did come and bring some life back to the town.

One Candy store had tight safety measures. They only allowed customers who had masks. For those with masks they gave us disposable gloves to wear in the store. Entire rows were removed to create more space between customers. Arrows on the floor directed traffic. When asked about the new challenges, the store clerk said it was heartbreaking to turn away a group of 8 customers because they did not have masks.

One toy store had an employee at the entrance limiting the number of customers in the store (much like a security guard outside a dance club), and then directed people to where to start walking within the store.

This store placed many signs about social distancing out of fear of being shutdown.

Inside a small mall, signs directed people on how to enter store.

Many shops were closed.

One home put this sign on their window for encouragement.

A popular family restaurant closed during the whole weekend.

People need to see these photos and see how Oregon is changing and being impacted by both the virus and the shutdown.

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