Metro plans 2nd income tax during shutdown

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

As of June 11th, Multnomah County businesses are still in shutdown mode as they have not entered into phase 1 which happens tomorrow. In the middle of the shutdown the METRO regional government has proposed their second income tax. The first tax was Measure 26-201 which was a $220 million income tax and business tax that they passed on the May ballot ballot.

Now, even before the first restaurant or salon has opened, METRO is back for more with a $7 billion transportation package that includes an income tax and a $56 vehicle registration fee. This fee comes on the heels of the $5 billion 2017 state transportation package which raised income taxes, car sales taxes, vehicle registration fees, truck fees and bike taxes.   This also comes at a time when Oregon businesses are paying the new Corporate Activities Tax (CAT).

A poll showed voters would reject the tax idea.


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