Extreme Anti-Police Group Supports North Coast Democrat Debbie Boothe-Schmidt

By Northwest Spotlight

Indivisible, a national, outspoken far-left group, recently took a position on the highly controversial topic of defunding the police. Their website calls on its members to contact their “local and state officials and tell them to defund your local police department.” You can view the rest of their statement on this issue here.

Indivisible North Coast Oregon (INCO), a chapter of the national group, has endorsed Democrat candidate for House District 32, Debbie Boothe-Schmidt.

Although Schmidt has yet to take an official stance on defunding the police, Boothe Schmidt won an early endorsement of INCO and recently appeared before them for a virtual meet and greet that included a discussion of defunding the police.

Debbie Boothe-Schmidt has, thus far, kept a low profile during what is seen as one of the most competitive elections for the Oregon Legislature. Boothe-Schmidt has refused to take a definitive stance against all future Cap & Trade proposals, a significant issue in this heavily forested district where voters just ousted two incumbent Clatsop County commissioners who refused to oppose Cap and Trade.