What If: A Tale of Deception

They met in a large ceremonial hall of an historical building located within the principle campus of the government. The hall was richly decorated with large murals and tapestries and heavy Damask curtains drawn over the massive windows. Despite the richness of the decorations there was no furniture except a simple wooden table measuring two meters on a side. The three attendees sat in comfortable executive chairs – the chairman in the middle, the military chief on his left and the head of national security on his right. There were no brief cases, no cellphones, no computers nor any other electronic devices. Each attendee had leather clad folder containing all of the information necessary for the meeting – the material would be collected and destroyed at the end of the meeting. The room had been swept independently by each attendee’s technicians. The three attendees arrived by different routes and different doors to the ceremonial hall. The meeting did not appear on any of the member’s calendar and, in fact, the calendars showed each member dining alone in separate parts of the city.

The chairman asked whether work on the virus had been completed. He was assured that it had been and that it had been tested on human subjects – prisoners at different locations throughout the country. He asked why the virus had not been identified previously if it was routinely found in bats and was told by the security head that it had been modified in one of their labs to allow it to jump from one species to another. The security chief noted that it was an airborne virus but could not be broadcast by artificial means – aerosols destroyed the effectiveness of the virus. She said that the virus would have to be spread by human to human contact.

The chairman asked how they would disburse the virus. The military chief noted that a big holiday was coming up and that tens of thousands of citizens would be traveling from abroad to attend it – particularly from the United States and parts of Europe. He said that they would use the large gatherings to infect attendees who would not know of the infection until they returned back to the United States and Europe at the conclusion of the holiday. The security chief said that she would place unwitting prostitutes among the attendees with orders that when they arrived in the United States they were to target military bases – primarily naval stations – in order to ostensibly obtain information on ship and troop movements but in reality to infect soldiers and sailors. Attendees would be sent to both coasts – primarily New York, New Jersey, Washington (Seattle) and California (Los Angeles and San Francisco).

The intelligence chief indicated that they would plant false flags in order to confuse the source of the virus including the “wet markets” and various laboratories throughout the country. She indicated that they would receive assistance from global health, education and economic institutions in which the country had heavily invested – not with the particulars but with the denials and the misdirection.

The chairman asked how they would protect the country’s own citizens. The security chief responded by laying out a list of countermeasures to ensure that there was sufficient protective equipment, respirators, and hospital facilities gathered, stored and embargoed to other countries. The military chief indicated that they would lock down the area where the infection was to begin and bar domestic travel in and out of the area but allow and encourage international travel – particularly to the United States and Europe. Both the security and military chiefs acknowledged that they could not provide complete protection and they should operate under the assumption that there would be up to half of a million deaths in the first phase. The chairman nodded assent.

After discussing particulars and asking and answering questions for an hour the three attendees agreed that the plan, while not fool proof, was substantially sound. The chairman then reminded them that the purpose of this exercise was not to create chaos but rather to measure the response of the Western nations – it was a trial run. He asked how they would gather sufficient information. The security chief indicated that they would use information provided to the same global health, education and economic institutions that would help sow disinformation at the outset of the pandemic. She noted that the United States was a fairly transparent entity and that media attention followed by political pressure would require substantial and accurate reporting. As to the latter point, the security chief noted that the pandemic would become a political football almost immediately after its introduction and that both sides would seek political advantage rather than actual solutions – this would be largely entertaining for the three attendees.

The military chief indicated that they would begin military exercises at sea and on the border of neighboring countries friendly to the United States to test reactions, including resources, speed and manpower. He told the other two that they had collaborative agreements with terrorist states and organizations in South America and the Middle East that would likewise incite probes to measure the responses.

Finally, the chairman asked how many people knew about the plan. He was assured that only the three of them knew the purpose and complete plan although there were twenty-three people who knew enough about specific elements that once the pandemic began they would be able to piece together enough information to ask serious questions. The chairman noted that they had to be eliminated. The security chief asked whether that included the woman who engineered the virus because she was now working on treatments including vaccines. The chairman acknowledged her value and suggested that she be isolated, quarantined and given whatever tools she needed to continue her work. The security chief suggested that she be publicly identified at a point at which time a story would be planted that suggested that she had been infected herself and that she subsequently died from exposure to the virus. The other two concurred with the caveat that she may yet need to be actually eliminated.

And then it began. *

* Could any of this be true? You will never know if someone doesn’t ask the questions. Despite nearly three years of constant attention to a hoax about collusion between the Trump administration and Russia – a hoax that all of the intelligence agencies knew to be false from the beginning – nobody appears to ask any questions about the origins of the COVID 19 pandemic certainly not the Democrats and absolutely not the mainstream media.