Lars Larson: Be very afraid of the President’s Supreme Court pick

The President’s made his latest pick for the United States Supreme Court, Elena Kagan. What do we know about her? Not very much””Harvard Law School Dean, Solicitor of the United States, meaning the countries chief attorney.

The problem is we don’t know much more about her. She hasn’t written much in the past twenty years since she’s become a law professor. What she has done in her life has been disturbing.
She banned military recruiters from the Harvard Law School campus. And why? Because of “don’t ask, don’t tell”. The problem is the military didn’t adopt that policy. The military was ordered to that policy by Congress and the President.

Did Elena Kagan take that out on President Clinton who came up with “don’t ask, don’t tell”? Are you kidding? She worked for the guy.

So, she can work for the man who came up the with anti-homosexual policy and then punishes the military for saluting and saying yes. That’s crazy. And she’s going to be on the Court?

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  • Bob Clark

    We’re very lucky she is replacing lefty Souter. I just hope some of the right leaning justices can hang on long enough to escape Socialistic Bama. Of course, Souter was picked by Gerald Ford a GOP. So, there are no guarantees even when you have a GOP president.

    • Steve Plunk

      She’s replacing Steven’s isn’t she?

    • Anonymous

      Just to clarify:

      Ford appointed Stevens, who is retiring now and being replaced by Kagan.

      GHWB appointed Souter, who recently retired and was replaced by Sotomayor.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    She is replacing Stevens, Sotomayor replaced Souter

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Souter was not picked by Ford, He was picked by Bush.

    Souter was sort of the start of the nebulous background nominee process forced on us after Democrats stonewalled any nominee with any sort of background (we all remember the Bork rejection).

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Let’s also remember some of the most famous left leaning judges were picked by Republicans – Harry Blackmun author of Roe v. Wade being the most famous example, Stevens was nominated by Ford, And of course we had Souter. Sandra Day O’Connor, a centrist, was nominated by Reagan.

  • matthew vantress

    and all george bushes picks were so squeaky clean and perfect werent they lars?funny lars you never whine when a republican does questionable things but you are up in arms when a democrat does similar thingsproving what a hypocrite you are.

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