Lars Larson on Army prep schools

If students aren’t ready for the army, maybe the army can get them ready.

You know, I think for the longest time people have assumed that if you are a dropout from high school you can just go down and sign up for the military. The fact is that most branches of the military won’t take you unless you are a high school graduate.

And now I see that there is another twist on this. An awful lot of kids in America, maybe as may as a quarter, drop out of high school. That’s a foolish thing to do, but now the United States Army says, “We need soldiers. We need sailors. We need airmen, and we need marines, so, we’re going to be willing to help you do a little prep school.”

Get yourself ready. Finish your high school diploma and then get into the military and pursue a career. I think it is a fantastic idea. It’s a great partnership between public education, between the public and people who have dropped out and the United States military to supply the needs of this country.
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