Front page featured our pro-George Washington (anti-anarchy) rally

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

On the 4th of July The Oregonian did a feature on people’s thoughts on Independence Day.  Most of the people focused on the nation’s past crimes.  The Taxpayer Association was highlighted for our George Washington rally we held at the site of the toppled George Washington statue in Portland which was desecrated by violent anarchists last month.

Here is a quote


“I usually have quiet Fourth of Julys. This time, the Fourth of July matters more, because we feel like our symbols of our freedom are being attacked. We stand against the destruction of private property and public art, like what happened to George Washington (statue) behind us. We just want to have a chance to celebrate the best of America.”

Freedom and patriotism: “It’s more important than ever. We get reminded that we have rights that other people don’t have around the world. In fact, most of the world probably doesn’t have most of the bill of rights that we live under, and that’s troubling. Our job of taking the message of oppression and justice is not just for America, it’s for the whole world.”

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