People rally at toppled statue site: ‘America, World need George Washington’

On July 3rd, People rallied at the site of the toppled George Washington statue to declare America needs George Washington more than ever.

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

As a person who has traveled to 50 nations, I can attest that George Washington is an active symbol of freedom and human rights around the world. Today, much of the world still lacks most of the basic rights Washington and the Founders gave us over 240 years ago.  It bears repeating that George Washington and the Founding Fathers raised the bar for freedom so high that much of the world still has not attained it today.  Just in the past 100 hours alone, China stripped Hong Kong of their Freedom of the Press and Russia subverted their Constitutional term limits.

America and the world need more of George Washington, not less.

This is why nearly two dozen people showed up on July 3rd to show their love of George Washington.

Both China and Russia now have leaders who are ruling with lifetime terms and powers.  Compare that to George Washington who turned down a popular third term because he did not wish the Office of Presidency to turn into a kingship. People wanted to call the President “His majesty”, but Washington refused and demanded to be called “Mr. President”.  Instead of power grabs like most politicians, Washington was incredibly humble and self-sacrificing as he declined to be paid for serving as general and as President.

On June 18th, Portland made national news when masked anarchists destroyed Portland’s George Washington statue by burning an American flag on his head, toppling him, and defacing him with cop-bashing profanities.

Portland has been hit with nearly 100 acts of arson related to anarchist.

Nearby a Thomas Jefferson statue was toppled, then a pioneer woman statue, and finally an elk statue was set afire. One of the vandals who ruined Thomas Jefferson said to the media that he questions whether ANYONE is good enough to ever be made into a statue. The message is clear from anarchist that everyone and everything must be destroyed.

After all the destruction, people rallied to support George Washington.  People in the neighborhood came and thanked the supporters, saying they had felt violated over all the destruction and vandalism in their neighborhood and had their spirits lifted up at our patriotic presence.

As we were flag waving, an elderly man came by (not knowing we were there) with a sign and posted it on the toppled statue site.  The sign read “Please bring back George Washington, Father of Country”

Additional notes: The George Floyd family has condemned acts of violence in the wake of his tragedy. The Taxpayer Association of Oregon (TAO) called for Justice for George Floyd the week he was killed and offered a 5-point police reform plan before the June 2020 Legislature as a way to work towards racial justice and ending police brutality.


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