People ignoring Gov. Brown’s park, playgrounds ban

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

We are witnessing more and more outdoor areas, parks, trails and playgrounds being closed to the public, while at the same time more people seem to be ignoring the warnings.  Is this working?

We have been told that outdoors is a lower risk area and that children are a lower risk demographic, so should not parks and playgrounds be a safer place for people to go to?

People are using these playgrounds in large numbers despite the warnings.   It could be that the public is losing confidence in COVID-19 restrictions and are simply ignoring them where they do not see them as being effective.   These are difficult questions for both government and its citizens to answer.

We noticed highway signs announcing trail head closures but there were no actual closure signs at the actual trailhead.  Is this just using false warnings to keep away most travelers?

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