Closed county people can’t shop in open counties

Governor Kate Brown said that closed county residents cannot go to open counties to shop or dine.

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Here is a predicament that we in no ways minimize or trivialize for its complications.  The Portland tri-county area is still under lockdown restrictions while most of the other counties around it, and around the state, are moving into re-opening phase.   This poses a big problem of how do you manage life between the counties.

The Oregonian reported,

“Can I leave the Portland area to get a haircut in another county or visit the beach?

The governor said Thursday the answer is no, although it doesn’t appear she plans to enforce that.

Brown asked Portland-area residents to hold tight and resist the urge to drive to another county to get a haircut, dine out at a restaurant or visit a tourist sites….Brown also said police won’t be stopping Portlanders who are heading out for a visit to the coast, but she asked that metro area residents respect her direction, which is meant to lessen the spread of COVID-19. “

The goal is to stop higher infection case populations from entering into lower infection case areas.

What is the best way to operate a regional re-opening?

What are your thoughts and ideas on the current re-opening plan?

Does the progress of Georgia and Oklahoma change anything for Oregon?

Please comment here or on Facebook.   Your opinion can help provide policy makers and leaders instant feedback and input on these critical decisions.


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