Insider details: 100th Portland protest, mayhem

Taxpayers Association of Oregon
(photo: Mark Graves, Oregonian)

Observations from the 100th Protest Day weekend on Sept 6th.


First three videos: — One showing man caught on fire.

Follow more video collections at Andy Ngo  and also The Oregonian (please visit both)


Below is first-hand witnesses from Taxpayers Association of Oregon observers at the 9/5/20 Portland riot

– I witnessed a man who threw an active tear gas can back at cops, falling short and landing right into the crowd. A woman shrieked “You just hit a blind woman in the face!” followed by desperate cries of help and a call for a medic.


– I witnessed several people pick up stones, the size of baseballs, and big enough to crack a human skull. These are hurled at police.


– Their intention to kill or permanently maim police officers with those stones was clear as they left fresh new “kill cops”  signs everywhere they marched that night.  Below are the spray-painting threats made that night.



(Don’t forget “Kill the Rich” too)



And then kill the press.



– A few people chanted “Black Lives Matters. Blue Lives splatter”


– I witnessed a speaker with a bullhorn instruct the crowd to actively interfere with police if they see someone being arrested.


– I witnessed the crowd march down residential neighborhoods in the middle of the night shining lights on their homes and yelling with bullhorns, “Out of your homes. Into the streets”


– I witnessed people turn off their house lights as an act of desperation as the rioters began marching down their street.


– Very shortly after police pushed back protesters with tear gas, they responded a street away by piling up barricades and setting things on fire.



– I witnessed a woman driver who got trapped by the people fleeing in the middle of the street from tear gas. She almost broke down crying in utter fear saying “What is going on?” and “I don’t know what to do” over and over again. Because no one would, I took upon myself to direct people on the street and allow this woman her to turn her car around. This simple act took a very long time because she was so paralyzed with fear and confusion. What people do not fully understand is how much drivers panic at any sight of disorder on the street. Also, any sound of breaking or accelerating coming from a vehicle, no matter how small brings (justified) fear and instant mob anger from the crowd.


– The size of the crowd was very large


– Some of Portland’s busiest streets (Burnside, Stark, 122nd) were over-taken by rioters. See video:



– I witnessed a man completely dressed in black in the middle of the street almost get hit by a truck who didn’t see him amidst the riot and tear gas. The crowd turned on the truck driver who was stuck.  HE opened his window and stuck out in hands in a surrender way and appeared to apologize.   For a moment I thought the crowd was going to descended on his vehicle and begin beating him. Two cops came to the scene.


– I witnessed open vandalism like dragging out garbage dumpsters from both businesses and residential apartments and setting them on fire. A business window was smashed.

– I witnessed a man pull out a hammer and threatened another fellow anarchist for using his phone to take pictures of the crowd (which hundreds of people were doing). He got into his face and accused him of being a snitch. It turns out that protestors are now being told to smash people’s cameras so these events cannot be recorded.


– The Multnomah County Library wall mural celebrating reading was vandalized


– Interesting poster from the riot

Disclaimer: As stated many times, there are various Portland protests over racial injustice (a cause the Taxpayers Association supports), many of these protests are peaceful, this article is about the violent protesters often attributed to anarchists and Antifa.

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