Broad coalition of 28 organizations opposes hindering petition rights

Below is a powerful joint statement by 28 Oregon political organizations in opposition to efforts to curb citizen’s right to exercise their petition rights:

The enclosed organizations oppose efforts to unfairly handicap and hinder the people’s initiative process which is a 100 year old Oregon tradition and important constitutional right used by Oregonians of all opinions, backgrounds, and political philosophies.

Coalition for Initiative Rights
Native Forest Council
Oregon Club for Growth
Oregon Crime Victims United
Oregon Education Coalition
Oregon Family Council
Oregon Family Farm Association
Oregon FreedomWorks
Oregon Public Power Coalition
Oregon Right To Life
Oregon Sportsmen Association
Oregonians for Accountability
Oregonians for Affordable Health Care
Oregonians for Responsible Government
Oregonians In Action
Parent Education Association
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Taxpayer Association of Oregon
Water for Life
Independent Party of Oregon
Oregon Pacific Green Party
Oregon Republican Party EC
Ask Damascus Committee
Corvallis Citizens Against Telephone Sales Taxes
We Said No Committee of Lane County
Wood Village Citizens for a Right to Vote
Greg Kafoury & Mark McDougal, initiative rights attorneys
Andy Reed, Don’t Waste Oregon

This statement has been compiled and distributed by
Coalition for Initiative Rights and the Taxpayer Association of Oregon
TAO: Po Box 23573 Tigard, OR, 97281 (503) 603-9009