5 Reasons: No on Measure 108 tobacco, vape, cigar tax

Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Taxpayers Association of Oregon urges No on Measure 108


#1. It’s regressive. Hurts the poor. In 2018, PEW research stated, “these taxes tend to affect lower-income consumers more than affluent ones, most economists consider them regressive.”

#2. Hurts local shops, rewards online retailers: High product taxes force local neighborhood shops to close and drives customers to use online companies (sometimes foreign). Small businesses close. Unregulated online companies profit. Little change in actual smoking.

#3. Unstable revenue source: As customers flee to online sales, Oregon loses tax revenue. In 2020, Tax Foundation said of tobacco taxes, “Across almost all states, tax rate hikes are met with a momentary bump in revenue, followed by a falloff in collections in future years.”

#4. Don’t raise taxes in a global pandemic, worldwide recession.

#5. Four years of non-stop taxes proves politicians can’t help themselves:

2017 – $300 million health care tax
2017 – 10 cent gas tax increase
2017 – New .1% payroll tax for transportation
2017 – Auto registration, title fee increase
2017 – New car sales tax
2017 – 25% truck mileage tax hike, bike tax
2017 – 565 fee increases (not a typo)
2018 – $330 million small business income tax
2019 – $1.3 billion Corporate Activities Tax
2019 – $1.1 billion payroll tax (PFL)
2019 – $334 million health care tax renewal
2019 – $108 million income tax (Kicker theft)
2019 – 300% beer, wine license fee increase
2019 – 581 fee increases
2020 – 25+ local property tax increases enacted
2020 – New statewide cell phone tax
2020 – Payroll transit tax increase
2020 – $240 million Income, business tax (METRO)

Give small business a break from higher taxes!

Taxpayers Association of Oregon urges No on 108

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