After raising 569 fees, politicians want a few more

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

According to the Oregon Legislative Fiscal Office, last year State Lawmakers approved over 569 new and increased fees:

515 – Increases
60 – New
3 – Decrease
3 – Abolish

Total 569 fee increases, 6 decreases.

Some of these were big like increasing alcohol license fees by 300%.

Now the politicians want a few more fee increases.   The same State Lawmakers put on the ballot, Measure 108 which would increase and create fees on tobacco, cigar and vaping.

On the local ballot there are over 60 local tax/fee increases like income taxes (#26-214), wage taxes (#26-218), fuel taxes (#34-302), hotel taxes (#13-15, #6-185) and countless property taxes.

It seems like the pandemic and global recession was of no concern to our politicians who seem hell-bent on increasing our taxes and fees at an alarming rate.

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