New wage tax hits small business even if they’re going bankrupt

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The more that people hear about Metro’s reckless tax, the less they like it.

It’s why four out of four leading newspapers agree that voters should reject it.

It’s just the wrong time to tax paychecks and jobs when too many people have already seen their paychecks and jobs harmed by the pandemic.

Small business owners are doing all they can to protect our employees’ jobs and paychecks while revenues are down significantly. Adding another major cost while revenues aren’t enough to cover existing costs is kicking them while we’re down.

Small businesses will have to pay this tax even if they’re losing money.  That’s unfair. And while this measure exempts government employees, including Metro’s own, the proposed payroll tax will hit working people and those earning a minimum wage the hardest.

That’s not just unfair, it’s reckless.

Help us spread the word to voters to reject this tax and protect paychecks and jobs.

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