Protesters trash Portland, threaten to kill police, President

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

On Halloween night Portland protesters and anarchist trashed a neighborhood along Martin Luther King Blvd.   Death threats to police officers and the President of the United States were tagged throughout.   The attacks on police come mere days after Portland City Hall had a hearing on cutting Portland Police budget by another $15 million which if passed would make the City among the most defunded police budgets to occur this year.

Numerous businesses had their windows smashed (Police photos).


A local Red Robin was hit especially hard with numerous broken windows, broken signs and cop bashing graffiti.  The window repairmen were there within hours to fix it which demonstrates that the public never truly witnesses the full damage from a riot because businesses are repaired (or boarded up) before sunlight.  This is why we try to document the damage before it is erased, even if it means taking photos at 3:00AM in the morning.  The Taxpayer Association feels compelled to record all the violence and sabotage so it will be recorded in history of the shameful things done during our times.

Andy Ngo helped showcase violence against journalist that night.

Andy Ngo highlighted how rioters trash neighborhoods.



Black Lives Matter was another common scrawl



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