WOW! Oregonians approve over 70 higher taxes in 2020

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon voters approved over 50 state and local taxes on the November Ballot, and around 29 local taxes (property, hotel, bonds, renewals, etc.) on the May Election.

Oregonians are making incredible personal sacrifices to approve and pay these taxes, and the common response from politicians is that they are still not paying enough and that government is barely making it by as it is , yet Oregon state and local government spending remains higher than the national average.

Here is the near full 2020 list of taxes on the November ballot that were approved:

State Measure 108 – Tobacco, cigar, vaping tax
Multnomah #26-211 bonds, libraries
Multnomah #26-213 five-year levy, restore recreation programs, parks, nature, water
Multnomah #26-214 income tax, tuition-free preschool program
Multnomah #26-215 bonds modernize & repair schools
Multnomah #26-216 five-year local option tax, district operations
Multnomah #26-217 amends charter police
Yamhill #36-205 bonds schools
Clackamas #3-563 renewal option levy, Canby Fire & EMS
Clackamas #26-215 bonds schools
Clackamas #26-216 five-year local option tax, district operations
Jackson #15-196 five-year local option tax, renewal fire operations
Jackson #15-197 local option operating levy, renewal schools
Jackson #15-198 five-year local option levy, fire district staffing
Washington #34-302 motor vehicle fuel business license tax roads
Washington #34-299 city taxes on retail sale recreational marijuana public safety
Washington #26-213 City of Portland five-year levy, restore recreation programs, parks, nature, water
Washington #36-205 Newberg bonds schools
Washington #26-215 Portland bonds modernize & repair schools
Deschutes #9-135 bonds traffic, safety, transportation programs
Deschutes #9-140 Redmond school district bonds security, health, schools
Deschutes #9-139 library bonds
Marion #24-451 local option levy, fire & EMT
Douglas #10-177 tax on recreational marijuana sales, city tax
Douglas #10-179 marijuana sales tax, city tax
Benton Linn #2-129 general obligation bonds, schools
Benton Linn #2-127 local option tax renewal roads
Benton Linn #2-128 five-year local option tax renewal, roads; operations
Hood River #14-71 raise service fees, cemetery operations
Umatilla #30-146 bonds schools
Polk #27-132 bonds schools
Lincoln #21-198 renewal local option tax fire
Clatsop #4-206 renewal five-year local option tax, schools
Coos #6-184 tax license recreational marijuana sales city tax
Coos #6-186 bonds schools
Tillamook #29-160 bonds pool
Baker #1-105 five-year local option tax levy, Unity Community Hall
Curry #8-101 city tax on retail marijuana sales
Grant #12-78 county tax recreational marijuana sales
Harney #13-17 City of Hines motor vehicle fuel tax
Jefferson #16-97 renewal three-year local option tax, general operations
Klamath #18-119 Chiloquin city tax on marijuana retail sales
Lane #20-309 renewal five-year local option levy, library
Lane #20-311 local option levy, fire & life safety
Lane #20-312 permanent tax rate limit soil & water conservation
Lane #20-314 bonds; maintain current tax rate, schools
Lane #20-317 renewal five-year local option levy, library
Lane #02-129 Alsea school bonds
Morrow #25-82 renewal four-year local option levy, mosquito control
Morrow #25-83 Lexington five-year tax for fire department
Morrow #25-85 Lexington five-year tax general operations
Morrow #25-84 Boardman fire department bonds
Sherman #28-45 five-year levy fire & emergency services
Wasco #33-103 bonds, schools

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