Gov. slowly backtracks on lockdown — one of nation’s strictest

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has lifted restrictions for some counties and lifted some restrictions within the highest risk-targeted counties.  This is good news for small businesses and families suffering under a tough lockdown — one of the nation’s harshest.

Brown confessed, “A one-size-fits-all approach did not make sense moving forward”.

As a result churches will no longer be solely under a hard cap, but more under a percentage cap (25%) based on the capacity size of their meeting spaces.   Gyms and restaurants will be allowed to hold outdoor activities.  This ban  made no sense under the ban because of the low risk of outdoor spread of COVID-19.   Despite making sense and being low-risk changes, they will not go into effect until later next week.

In opposite of the relaxed guidelines, Gov. Brown did tightened shopping malls and groceries capacity from 75% to 50%.


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