Bend teacher on paid leave after obscene attack on protesters

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

A first-year teacher with Jefferson County School District 509-J was put on paid leave after heckling and harassing protesters who were opposing lockdowns because they are destroying their livelihoods and their local family owned businesses.   The woman went on an over-the-top obscene tirade against the protesters and told them they should kill themselves.

What inspires attacks from people like this teacher are politicians, media and activist who have framed this lockdown debate as either-you-agree-with-our-lockdown-orders-or-you-are-murdering-people.   We see played out on this very website where just suggesting alternative ideas to a lockdown brings comments of hatred and “your killing people” comments from pro-lockdown people.

By Governor Kate Brown making decisions behind closed doors and blocking both citizen and elected lawmaker input, she is poisoning the public debate we need to have on how we should live and what rules we need to have in this virus crisis.

Why did Governor Brown have to shut out parents from her education re-open plans?

Why did Governor brown shut out farmers from participating in her latest COVID agriculture restrictions (complete with criminal penalties)?

When you make decisions behind closed doors, issue 30-day jail time for people who disagree and violate the rules, and then demonize people who protest, you are splitting Oregon in half and are creating the environment for teachers like this to attack peaceful protesters trying to save their quality of life.

In the past few weeks Governor Brown has both shutdown businesses entirely while proposing a quarter billion small business tax and a $800 million beer and wine tax.  You expect citizens not to protest?

For the media, I ask where are all the town hall debates or panel debates on the ideas on how Oregon can handle the virus?  I have not seen one.  We desperately need such a discussion.

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