Oregon has 4th fewest virus cases, yet among strictest lockdowns

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Oregon’s top lockdown status is out of balance with our comparative condition.

According tot he New York Times COVID tracker database last week, Oregon was rated as the fourth fewest virus case state per capita.  Additionally, Oregon was rated as having the fifth best hospitalization rate in the nation on November 30th.   At the same time, Oregon is among the seven lockdown states (mostly closed) as reported by the New York Times and among the nation’s mostly closed states (although Governor Brown just relaxed these conditions a few days ago) as reported by Education Weekly.

Although these number may change at time of print, they have been in the same area for many weeks and months.

Here are some numbers from the New York Times COVID tracker last week:

Oregon should be asking if there are other tools that other states are using to control COVID outside of of the most damaging across-the board full lockdowns.

The lockdown damage to small businesses, our culture, and our livelihoods is permanent.

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