5 ways Oregon lockdowns are greater, longer, more painful than other states

Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Comparative data helps tell a more complete picture of Oregon’s handling of the virus this year.

#1 Oregon was among the first states to enter lockdown.  The state was among the earliest to close restaurants and among the first seven to close their schools.   Oregon had a lower case rate but was surrounded by higher case states Washington and California.

#2. Then Oregon was among the last three states to come out of lockdown.

#3. Oregon retained the nation’s #8th most restrictions for COVID among the 50 states after it left its lockdown status.

#4. Oregon had the nation’s 5th worst job loss per-COVID death.  Having more restrictions (8th most restrictive) meant that Oregon was suffered greater job loss.  This is despite that Oregon has consistently been rated as one of the lowest COVID death states per capita.

#5. Oregon is among the earliest to re-enter lockdown.  Governor Brown’s latest two week pause, closing down gyms, restaurants, etc. is among the most restrictive of any state in the nation during the fall resurgence.

The results are in; Oregon is earlier to lockdowns, later to exit, earlier to re-enter.  And when not in lockdown Oregon is tougher and more restrictive.

The Taxpayer Association is not against lockdowns, but we are for more smarter restrictive tools to deal with the virus and to use as much comparative data as possible to better compare our status to other states than are dealing with the exact same crisis.


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