Oregon among last 4 lockdown states…yet 46 states have more cases per-capita

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The numbers do not add up!

Oregon has been a low case state, per-capita, all year long last year, and yet Oregon has been among the few to be in full lockdown during the past few months.   Right now the New York Times put Oregon in the only four states to be in lockdown or full business restrictions.

The same NY Times ranks Oregon in the bottom four states for per-capita virus cases.

The case results should be the balancing factor in the restrictions, but things appear out of balance.

Oregon needs to ease the lockdown and help businesses survive and protect people’s livelihoods.

Don’t forget that Oregon was among the first to enter lockdowns last March and among the last three states to re-open by June.   Oregon has a history of being late.  These decisions are not tied to facts on the ground and are destroying people’s paychecks, family budgets, our children’s education, our culture, and our economy.

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