Election results: Top 3 to replace open Senate seat

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

This weekend the Clackamas County PCP people voted the top three of some dozen candidates to replace outgoing State Senator Alan Olsen.  Here are the top three winnings candidates (Bates took top spot with 59%) of whom will now be decided effectively by the Clackamas County Commissioners who have to choose among the top three.

On Bill Kennemer, “Kennemer’s key priorities include speeding up the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, reopening businesses, opposing new taxes and excessive spending, family home tax deferral for spouse or disabled heirs, prohibiting I-205 tolling, opening schools, expediting wildfire recovery efforts, election integrity, opposing the carbon tax and working hard for constituents. For those who have asked, Kennemer said yes, he would run for reelection to hold onto the seat.”

On Steve Bates, “Steve Bates has publicly shared, if appointed, his intention to continue to support issues favored by Senator Olsen such as: community college funding, replacing the Clackamas County Court House, reclaiming the Willamette Falls Locks and the Willamette Falls Legacy Project. Bates has also outlined his desire to pursue solutions to traffic congestion on Oregon State Highways in Clackamas County, military veterans issues, fully funding and staffing the Oregon State Police and seeking a statewide policy concerning mental health advocacy.”

On John Lee, “I am currently the ORP Treasurer (2nd term), was the CD3 Chair and Vice Chair for 9 years, was the Clackamas County Chairman for 4 years and Vice Chair for 5 years and have been a PCP for ~20 years. I have helped more candidates than I can count and have often been called “The Sign Guy”. I have always tried to make our Part better by being a bridge between factions, listening, and knowing that “we can disagree without being disagreeable”… We need businesspeople in Salem that understand how this “lock-down”, increased taxes, and regulations effect normal people’s lives. Every business should be treated equally and if a Costco can be opened safely then any business should be able to establish rules to open safely.”

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