For the love of restaurants, lawmakers should move Valentines to Feb 21

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Here is my resolution,

WHEREAS, Oregon restaurants have been closed longer than 48 states,

WHEREAS, many Oregon restaurants were given only 100 hours advanced notice of opening before Valentine’s weekend one of the most busiest times of the year,

WHEREAS, a snow storm State of Emergency impacted nine counties and their restaurants during the Valentine’s weekend,

WHEREAS, Oregon women are often hailed as the most amazing in the nation and deserving of the nation’s recognized day of appreciation and love,

BE IT RESOLVED, that the 2021 Oregon Legislature move the 2021 Valentine’s Day top February 21st and re-name it Valentine’s Redux Day 2021.

(p.s. This would be a nice, cost-free gesture by our elected leaders to show their support for one of the most COVID damaged industries)

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