Gov. Brown oversaw 4 state system crashes during Covid

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

It is now our COVID-19 legacy that Oregon suffered four different computer system crashes during our state emergency.

  • Our Employment Department system crashed despite warnings of their crash-prone system and over $50 million in funding to fix it.  Oregon was the last state to deliver their ‘waiting-week’ jobless benefits.
  • DMV systems crashed and delayed appointments for over 3-months once they were actually open.
  • The Oregon Health Authority system had massive glitches that blocked seniors from setting appointments and contributed to Oregon being ranked the nation’s third slowest to vaccinate seniors among record states.
  • Housing Department system failures have blocked landlords from accessing/completing application for landlord compensation funds.

We understand that all good systems are vulnerable to fail during unprecedented emergencies, but at some point, Oregon’s crisis look more like neglect and bureaucratic dysfunction than accidents of nature.

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