Oregon museum closes. 1 of 3 nonprofits face extinction

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

After 75 years, the Portland Children’s Museum is closing.

According to a new report by Candid, a philanthropy research center, and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, more than one-third of non-profits could permanently shut down in the next few years following the pandemic and the resulting policies.

The report states, “The U.S. nonprofit sector lost nearly 930,000 jobs by December 2020, according to a conservative estimate from the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies. This is a 7 percent decline from February 2020.”

Nonprofits are one part of a thriving and strong economy. They help build healthy communities by providing critical services and are often the voice for the people they serve. In 2019, Oregon had nearly 10,000 nonprofits, employing close to 200,000 people.