Senate Democrats target republicans with protest rule change

By Oregon Senate Democrats,

Senate Democrats Target Republicans with Attempted Rule Change
Rule doesn’t go far enough in making sure Senators work for Oregonians

SALEM, Ore. – Today the Senate Democrat supermajority introduced a Senate rule change that would punish senators who exercise their Constitutional right to protest.

The rule would establish punitive fines for those who protest floor sessions to stand up to the Democrat’s continued abuses of power.

Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod (R-Lyons) went on the offensive in response:

“As Republicans, we believe rules should be applied fairly. This rule change doesn’t go far enough. No senator should be receiving their per diem when the public is shut out of the democratic process and their Capitol.

“The Democrats think that just because they control the schedule, they can walk out whenever they want. By scheduling minimal floor sessions, they have held up the people’s work for weeks now. We have important work to do this session, but it is being held up by the Democrats. Oregonians deserve better than these performative gestures to appease radicals in their own party.”