Domestic violence up 68% during lockdown!

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Multnomah County has witnessed a 68% increase in domestic violence cases during the 2020 shutdown.

There are so many cases flooding the court that some criminals who are being charged are getting away with probation plea deals.

As domestic violence spikes, Portland politicians funded cops by $12 million and 100 positions, and then Governor Brown is pushing for more funding for public defenders (as opposed to prosecutors) as part of her 2021 Budget guidelines.

This lockdown has been harder on Oregon than other states.

• Oregon was among the first to enter Spring lockdown and among the last three to exit.

• During the summer, Oregon’s lockdown restrictions were among the nation’s top 10 most restrictive.

• Oregon locked outdoor areas like beaches and parks when other states didn’t.

• During the winter lockdown, Oregon was among the last two states to exit lockdown.

• Oregon was among the first twelve to close schools and the last eleven to re-open them.

Simply put, Oregon was more harder on its citizens than just about every other state in America when it came to virus restrictions and closures.   At the same time politicians in Multnomah county let rioters off the hook which greatly strained police resources already defunded.  All these factors contributed to an unacceptable and dangerous spike in domestic violence.


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