Gov. Brown eases lockdown EXCEPT for hardest hit

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Gov. Kate Brown eased the lockdown, for which everyone is thankful, but her lockdown mostly effects most other industries (gyms, recreation, etc.) but does not significantly help the most impacted industry — restaurants.   The changes allow greater flexibility for outside dining (which will not change much as Oregon saw snow this week)

The above chart shows that the overwhelming impact of the COVID rules are on the restaurant/hospitality industry.   Restaurants/hospitality have suffered job losses nearly greater than all other industries combined.

Why can customers engage in massage/pedicures/manicures but not restaurants?

Why can a large gym accommodate customers but not a large restaurant of the same size?

There is data showing that there is no relation between closing restaurants and COVID cases/deaths.

We encourage Gov. Kate Brown to join the rest of the 48 states with open restaurants rules and ease restrictions.

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