Oregon vaccine flop much like Europe’s

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(Photo: When Gov. Brown cut in line ahead of her eligibility age to get vaccinated)

Oregon’s vaccination rates have fallen to among the nation’s worst, followed by several high profile fails (mis-categorizing 20,000 health care workers and putting them near the end of the line, mis-categorizing 10,000 ineligible recipients and putting them ahead of the line, major vaccine registration system crash, etc.)

Socialist leaning and big government Europe mainland is stuck around 13% vaccination — France at 10%.

Europe is falling behind because their big government bureaucracy got in the way:

  • Europe wasted valuable time trying prioritizing saving money (getting the best vaccine deal) over saving lives which others nations, like America and UK, did in order to secure as many vaccines as possible.
  • They sought to “buy local” by focusing only on two local vaccine manufacturers rather than any company company available.
  • They stopped vaccinations midway due to overblown concerns over very rare signs of blot clotting by the AstraZeneca vaccine — the most common used in Europe.   It turned out to be a tragic jumping the gun  on weak data, so much that it was at risk of killing people by withholding entire populations the vaccine.  In big government, the “perfect becomes the enemy of the good”.
  • France blamed America for their own shortage, just Governor Brown blamed Trump when Oregon had the 3rd lowest vaccination rate in December.

The pandemic is proof positive that the Free Market helped save lives while the big government bureaucracy produced big failures, costly delays and setbacks that put people’s lives at risk.

Here is how we compared to socialist-leaning Canada some six weeks ago.

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