Charter schools came to rescue during pandemic. HB 2945-1 offers more help.

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

During the pandemic, charter schools proved to be more adaptable to online learning, helping to keep students engaged.   Because they were so successful they have become a more popular choice for parents — but statewide limits block availability to these popular schools.

In House Education, Representative Weber introduced an amendment to HB 2945, a bill to institute a weighted lottery for underserved students when the number of applicants to a public charter school has exceeded it’s enrollment capacity.

The amendment that was introduced go further, providing an increase to 4%, from the current cap of 3%, for virtual public charter schools. 

The COVID-19 shutdown found any families opting to enroll their children in Oregon’s virtual public charter schools. Unfortunately, many school districts had hit or exceeded the 3% enrollment cap. While there is an appeals process if a student is denied enrollment due to the cap, the agencies took a knee jerk reaction, not allowing any transfers upon appeal in 2021.

HB 2945 was held over for a possible work session this Thursday at 1pm.

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