Bulldozing democracy: 20 bills. 1 hearing. 1 afternoon.

Taxpayer Association of Oregon


As the House Committee chart shows, the panel is trying to ramrod a hearing on twenty different bills all in one late afternoon starting at 3:15pm.  Most of those bills are scheduled for a vote.   Yes, a vote.  We understand that bills are piling up due to a procedural in-house rule deadline requiring bills to meet a certain threshold in the next few days, but this is ridiculous.

The bills are all health care bills, which can be life or death matters, now being rammed through faster than the public can follow.

Over in the Senate the Senate Judiciary Committee, they are hearing 19 bills (one less) than the House Committee.   That is critical criminal and justice issues begin resolved at break-neck speed.


The Housing Committee is hearing 19 bills in on this Thursday morning.



And the public cannot enter the State Capitol due to Covid, so transparency is already limited.

This is outrageous.

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