Senate panel votes to ban preschool suspension discipline

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Senate Education Committee voted to approve Senate Bill 236 which blocks public funds from going to preschools that suspend students.

Senate Bill 236 was vehemently opposed by many home-based preschool and daycare providers.  One such provider testified, I do not want to be forced “voluntarily” to withdraw my child from a childcare environment just because my childcare provider is legally not allowed to protect them from a child who has serious, violent behavior issues.”

Others fear are that older-age school districts that have experimented with no-suspension policies like Florida’s Broward County Public Schools district which has been criticized for creating an unsafe school district and became known for providing years of light punishment to a violent student who went on to become a violent mass shooter in his high school.

Proponents of Senate Bill 236 say that suspensions are too much of a negative impact on children.

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