Brown warns Covid up 94%! (We may close again)

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Oregon Governor Kate Brown held an urgent press conference on Friday to announce that Oregon COVID-19 cases are surging (up 94% from previous month) despite 1.5 million Oregonians receiving the first dose.

But problems in vaccination remain.  Oregon was recently rated among the bottom vaccination rate states in the nation.  Oregon saw the Johnson and Johnson vaccine being temporarily pulled from use.  The Oregon Health Authority Director said Oregonians are suffering from “pandemic fatigue”.

Although Governor Brown has eased outdoor dining restrictions regardless of case levels, she has not ruled out re-closing restaurants if cases rise too much.

The Oregonian reports, “But on April 6, Brown announced she was loosening those restrictions. For example, a ban on indoor dining in any given county is no longer associated with the county’s level of infections. Rather, Brown says she will only prohibit indoor dining if the statewide number of hospital beds filled by COVID-19 patients reaches or surpasses 300 and has increased by an average of at least 15% in the previous week.  Because OHSU’s forecast anticipates hospitalizations will rapidly increase to more than 300 within the next four weeks, Graven expects tougher public safety measures to come. “

The idea of a third lockdown got got one more step likely.

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