$511 tax credit to pay people to take vaccine?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

President Biden announced a plan to offer businesses tax credits to help employees take the Covid-19 vaccine.  The idea is to give up to 88 hours of paid leave to cover the worker to take time off of work to get the vaccine and any recovery time after.    A tax credit up to $511 for each worker.

The idea is to help increase the vaccination rate (which is admirable) in light of a large population of hold-outs who have yet to be vaccinated.

If you want the public to feel safer in taking a vaccine, government should start with more transparency.  For instance in Oregon, State Government blocked The Oregonian’s request on the vaccine failure rate.  Only after much struggle did the State relent and release the numbers showing that over 160 people who received the vaccine had afterwards contracted COVID-19.   The number is statistically small, but appears bigger because it leaves the media and the public wondering what other key pieces of critical data is left out.   This has been a pattern all pandemic long of government censoring vital public information that has been readily available in other states.  At one point the State did not release the age data of COVID-19 victims which was crucial to understanding the outbreak’s attack in the early stages.   Government needs to earn the confidence and trust of the public during these emergencies and it starts with transparency.

If the government wants to help people get vaccinated then it should do better to fix the many computer meltdown’s and system crashes that have delayed the distribution process (read about 4 system crashes here).  Oregon is a lagging vaccine state and other states should learn from our mistakes.

Government should be cautious about spending money to fix a problem it has a significant role in making worse.

We hope people get proper access to the vaccine, get vaccinated, while at the same time get a more transparent government and an earned trust from our elected leaders.

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