Your opinion: Oregon vaccine lottery prizes? vaccine passports?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Here are some facts behind some very ambitious vaccine proposals in Oregon;

• The Oregonian reports that the State may create a lottery cash prize, up to $1 million dollars, given to new vaccine participants since the rate of vaccinations has dropped off early and severely.

• Governor Brown is considering issuing a vaccine passport and allowing passport holders to be maskless in business locations and other areas.

• An Oregon State University researcher stated that such passports could be used to board vaccine-only flights.

• Some states are considering enacting a vaccine passport (New York) while others are debating restricting their use (Montana, Arkansas)

— These restrictions and proposals are so complicated and controversial that we feel compelled to reach out to the public on what their opinion is on the subject — especially since Governor Brown is purposefully blocking any public input or participation in her decision making process.  Please share your thoughts, positive solutions or alternatives if you have them.  Please respond in the comments below or on Facebook.

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