Last minute Capitol effort to dump tax $$$ on lawmakers

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

In remaining days of the 2021 Legislature, several State Senators are trying to push a bill to allowing public tax dollars to be spent on a politicians’ political campaign in the name of “campaign finance reform”.  Somehow politicians feel that it cleans u politicis by injecting tax dollars.

OPB reports,”… HB 2680′s contents with a proposal to allow legislative candidates to match $6 in public money for every $1 in private donations if they agree to limit those donations to $250 per person. Public funding for a candidate would be capped at $600,000 in Senate races and $400,000 in House races.”

That means a potential ten million dollars of tax dollars could be used in a single year so politicians can waste it on mudslinging negative campaign ads or maybe on cigars, alcohol and caviar for a fundraiser so the politician can raise even more money for himself.   Taxpayers already pay politicians salary, now they seek to pay for their dirty politics.

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