Bipartisan opposition against Gov. Brown’s small business tax

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The outrageous small business tax, SB 139, faced bipartisan opposition in the Senate floor vote this week. Both Democrat Deb Patterson and Betsy Johnson voted against the bill as well as all Republicans. Unfortunately, the bill had just legal enough votes to pass.  In the House, five Democrats joined all Republicans who voted against the bill.

SB 139 raises the tax rate on small family owned businesses by over 17%. This does not impact large C-corporations, making it one of the most unfair taxes in recent memory.

On the same day that Oregon Senators voted for the tax on Oregon small family owned businesses, the Senators also voted for SB 727 – a massive tax cut for Oregon’s richest citizens. SB 727 creates a special SALT (State and Local Tax) tax credit work-a-round so rich Oregonians can avoid paying federal income taxes.

The message was clear, tax the little guy to bailout the rich.

SB 139A is before the Governor.

You can call the Governor to oppose SB 139 the $50 Million small business tax at the number below:

Governor Kate Brown
Phone: (503) 378-4582