All 50 police task force officers resign in protest

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

All 50 Officers part of Portland’s Rapid Response Team have resigned in protest. The protest was spurred by the criminal indictment of a fellow officer who was charged with misbehavior at a riot.

The story gained national news as ABC News noted, “In late October, the president of the police union, the Portland Police Association, sent the mayor and police chief a letter, urging both to “stand up and publicly support Police Bureau members who voluntarily serve on the Rapid Response Team.”“Our RRT members do not volunteer to have Molotov cocktails, fireworks, explosives, rocks, bottles, urine, feces and other dangerous objects thrown at them,” wrote Daryl Turner, then-president of the union. He noted that the team members volunteer for the work without any specialty pay.On Thursday, Davis acknowledged that members of the team have been exposed and subjected to “unbelievable things” in the past 14 months, including ongoing protests, increased violence and the pandemic.“I understand that those are very complex issues, but I also understand their perspective,” Davis said about the team’s decision. “If you put a human being through what they went through, that takes a toll.”

Taxpayers Association volunteers who monitored the summer riots can attest to these facts.  Anarchist rioters are allowed to take over streets, block traffic, vandalize neighborhoods, and throw objects at police (rocks, bottles, eggs, chemicals) while police are forced to stand idle.   This can last for hours.  We repeat this-can-last-for-hours!   Politicians and judges have limited police ability to stop a riot.  It appears only when the riots gets even worse (like arson, injury, explosives) that police are allowed to stop the riot with force and tear gas.

The mass resignations means there may be limited response to a riot in Portland.   This would be dangerous.

Nearly 80% of the 1,000 riot charges issued by police have been dropped by the local Multnomah District Attorney.


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