Lars Larson: Brace for long hot summer of riot trouble

By Lars Larson,

NW and national radio host

The forecast Monday calls for 97 degrees and in the world of law enforcement, hot usually equals trouble.

Portland goes into what promises to be a long hot summer without the protection of a Rapid Response Team for riot control.

We saw more than 150 straight nights of riots last year. One dead, many hospitalized and a war zone downtown that’s the only place in the Northwest where real estate values actually declined…unless you count Seattle’s once occupied CHOP zone.

The war on cops has been raging for more than a year, but it reached “shock and awe” level this week.

One cop indicted despite being cleared of any wrongdoing by police. Another under investigation by the liberal apparatchik Ellen Rosenblum. The entire Rapid Response Team unanimously resigns Wednesday night.

And what do we get from those in charge?

DA and social justice warrior Mike Schmidt will keep looking for cops to indict while excusing the crimes of his Antifa buddies

Chief Chuck is out of town. His sub blames the mass resignation on the toll of hard work controlling riots, endorsed by city hall. Feckless Ted Wheeler offers nothing but a call for help from the State police.

Radical race baiter JoAnn Hardesty on the city council usually only gives a damn about the cops when she has a problem with her Uber Driver. She wants the Rapid Response team disbanded, calling it a “rogue paramilitary organization”.

Like I said, a long hot summer