Bill extends time again as renter fund system fails again

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Renters who apply for financial assistance can prevent eviction for 60 days, until September, under a measure approved by Oregon lawmakers.  This happens as the Oregon Housing Services Committee has been overwhelmed and with thousands caught up in a backlog.  The agency said they need staff, despite Congress allocating $4 billion in Covid aid to Oregon over the past two years.

The bill protects residential tenants from eviction if they’re behind on their rent payments because of the coronavirus pandemic. They can stave off eviction if they tell their landlords and apply for some of the $204 million in federal rent assistance available to Oregon residents. Gov. Kate Brown is expected to sign the legislation to provide a “safe harbor” for people struggling financially after the state’s moratorium on evictions expires June 30. To prevent huge past-due bills July 1, the Legislature earlier approved a measure giving tenants until Feb. 28, 2022, to pay what they owe their landlords.

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