Multnomah mandates indoor masks, other Counties expected to follow

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Multnomah County has announced a new mask mandate for indoor spaces including businesses.  It goes into effect this Friday.

The Oregonian reports that 35 of 36 counties are facing the same high infection and positivity rates as Multnomah County.  This is putting pressure on other Counties to follow Multnomah’s lead.

Multnomah stated, “Millions of Americans have been safely vaccinated, and are protected against becoming seriously ill or dying even from the Delta variant. But children under 12, immune-suppressed people and others enjoy no such freedom from fear. We have two important tools against this virus: vaccines and masks. And we’re going to use the masks until more people are vaccinated. The more contagious Delta variant has changed the game. Our hospitals are full,” said Health Officer Dr. Jennifer Vines. “And we now know that while the vaccine protects us really well from serious illness, it may not always stop us from spreading the virus. An across-the-board mandate buys us time to protect more people with vaccine.’’