Violence, chaos at dueling Portland protest (recap)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC

It was the anniversary of the death of a Trump supporter who was shot last year by a violent Leftist protestor in the City of Portland.   Both Left and Right groups staged protests and at times fought with each other, pedestrians and journalists.

Here is a re-cap of highlighted events:

— Independent journalist Maranie Staab was maced, robbed and attacked by anarchist protestors.

— Proud Boys protestor attacks man in his vehicle.

— Antifa members attack street preachers.

— Nathan Howard (@SmileItsNathan) August 23, 2021



–Anarchists rallied at Waterfront Park.  They burned items and tried to create an autonomous zone.


— Proud Boys gathered at an East Portland abandoned Kmart.


– Proud Boys and Antifa clashed in NE Portland.  Image below shows where they lobbed fireworks and smoke bombs at each other.



— More fireworks used.


— During the clashes, police arrest a man for shooting his handgun.  It is not known at this point the man’s motive or protest connection.


— Anarchists threw milkshake-like substances on protesters.


–Proud Boys managed to scale building to erect banner demanding release of their members who have been arrested.


— Many downtown businesses closed for the day out of fear of violence.


— Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, made a campaign to “Choose Love” ahead of the protest.  Below is the Mayor using transportation equipment to broadcast the message.

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