Revenue boom, $1.9B kicker refund

By Oregon Senate Republican Caucus,

Senate GOP Leader’s Statement on the Revenue Forecast

SALEM, Ore. – Today, the Office of Economic Analysis presented the quarterly revenue forecast. It confirmed that Oregon taxpayers will receive a $1.9 billion Kicker. The corporate Kicker will send an additional $850 million to K-12 schools. The state budget will also have an ending fund balance of $699 million.

“It’s clear that Democrats raided $15 million from the Kicker for no good reason. Unprecedented deficit stimulus spending by the federal government and Oregonians stepping up to support businesses during the Governor’s shutdowns has given the state excess money.

“The legislature now has money to invest in COVID and wildfire response and recovery and preparing for upcoming unknown expenses in the next biennium. Most importantly, our kids need to be in school full-time to get caught up after a year of learning loss. This money can help our kids recover.”