City plans homeless camp at Expo Center?

By Lars Larson,

NW and national radio host

It’s one thing when homeless drug addicts spoil virtually every inch of public in major Northwest cities like Portland and Seattle.

It’s quite another when politicians decide to INVITE that destruction.

Case in point, the Expo Center.

It’s the product of decades of work and hundreds of millions of dollars of public investment. One third of a million square feet of space, voted the number 1 midsize convention and event center in America.

It brings in more than a hundred events a year and 54 million dollars in business.

So,now the “rocket scientists” at city hall propose to build a homeless center and invite the same bums who have trashed the rest of the city to set up camp.

What could possibly go wrong?

Metro claims it would continue the expo shows.

I want you to imagine folks traveling to Portland for such an event…driving past the thousands of yards of trash scattered on the sides of major freeways and the shanties set up everywhere.

They can exit by Delta Park with the sight of the massive, muddy tent city before they drive to the Expo Center parking lot…where more tents and tiny homes and derelicts greet them as they enter the venue…and hope they come back to a car that hasn’t been broken into.