Jeff Golden: denying care to unvaccinated in ICU “seems reasonable to me”

By Reagan Knopp

In a recent virtual town hall meeting, State Senator Jeff Golden (D-Ashland) provided his answers on mandatory vaccines for for COVID-19. the MailTribune in Medford covered the meeting:

Golden said perhaps a system could be developed so that unvaccinated people who wind up in the hospital with COVID-19 would not be given an intensive care unit over someone else who needs surgery. He said that would be a way for unvaccinated people to take personal responsibility for their decision.

“I’m not quite sure how that would be worked out, but that seems reasonable to me,” he said.

Golden went on to say he opposed vaccines mandates for COVID-19, but not for Ebola or Polio. Golden said he is vaccinated and encouraged everyone to be vaccinated. Golden appeared jointly with Dr. Jim Shames, the medical director for Jackson County Health. Shames who said that 85% of local medical personnel have been vaccinated, leaving 15% who haven’t.