ODOT plans Interstate tolls, despite 11th highest gas tax

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Plans to toll Oregon busiest Interstate Highways, Interstate 5 and Interstate 205, are advancing this month and could be reality within five years.

Taxpayers need to remember that:

— Oregon ranks the 11th highest gas tax in the nation.

— Our registration fees have been higher than the average state.

— Oregon has the nation’s only bike tax.

— We just increased the truck tax 25%

— In 2017, politicians created a payroll tax dedicated to transportation.

Despite all the new and high transportation taxes above, very little new roads or vehicle bridges were being built.  So now they plan to toll roads, by the tens of millions, and most of that will pay for road maintenance.  So very little of the new toll upon new taxes will go towards extensive new roads or bridges to reduce traffic bottlenecks.

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