Our Congressman is trying to tax Shatner’s space flight

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


So, sci-fi star, William Shatner, at age 90, went into space for 10 minutes at no cost to taxpayers and became an inspiration to all of us.

Upon his return, UK’s Prince Williams criticized such actions by saying “We need some of the world’s greatest brains and minds fixed on trying to repair this planet, not trying to find the next place to go and live”.   It was a clueless statement from one of the most richest and fortunate person on the planet.

More close by in Oregon, our Congressman Earl Bluemauer has proposed a SPACE tax called the Securing Protections Against Carbon Emissions (SPACE) Tax Act.

The Hill explains: “The first part would create a per-passenger tax on the price of a flight to space. The second part would create a two-tiered excise tax for each space launch, with one tier for flights between 50 and 80 miles above the Earth’s surface and a second tier with a higher tax for flights that exceed 80 miles above the Earth’s surface. There would be exceptions to the taxes for NASA flights for scientific research purposes.”

It used to be recently that when our space shuttles went out of commission that the United States paid Russians to send up our astronauts.  Now local private firms scramble for the honor, and have become the envy of the world.

It is sad to see another liberal politicians descend on successful American innovation and inspiration with a greedy tax grab.

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