Restaurants aghast at 5% meals taxes on ballot

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Right now, on the November 2nd Special election ballot are two different 5% meals taxes across the state. One is Measure 4-210 before Cannon Beach voters and the other is tax measure 21-205 before Newport voters. Both are 5% taxes on meals you get at restaurants. Yes, you heard it, a tax on restaurants.  It is not like we are in a pandemic and experiencing the worst period for restaurants since the Great Depression 90 years ago.

Newport politicians need the restaurant tax money (21-205) for their libraries and Cannon Beach politicians need the (21-205) tax to build a brand new City Hall — which is just proof that the politicians are thinking only of themselves.

Oregonians already pay higher taxes than most states, and now the politicians want to keep jacking up taxes regardless of how many restaurants they close or jobs will be lost.  Restaurants closing and staff firings is a real thing.  The hospitality industry is the hardest hit in the pandemic.  Oregon collectively lost 1,000 restaurants since Covid-19 wrecked everyone’s lives.

During this special election, voter turnout will be small, so please Vote no on Newport’s 21-205 5% Meals Tax and Vote No on Cannon Beach’s 4-210 5% Meals Tax.  Spread the word by passing around this article.

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